SAMA Excellence Awards Winners 2017


Category 1: "Successful Implementation of Value Negotiation Plan and Subsequent Execution"

Winner: Nalco, an Ecolab Company

In 2016 Nalco Water won a global, multi-year contract with Microsoft for all of Microsoft’s 100+ data centers globally. Ecolab has been a strategic partner with Microsoft, using Microsoft’s cloudbased expertise to capture real-time data in support of Nalco Water’s customers’ growing water management needs. At the same time, Microsoft’s data centers are facing increased pressure and heightened scrutiny globally to demonstrate that they are operating with greater efficiency in their usage of water.
The Nalco Water Corporate Account Manager was able to effectively leverage Ecolab’s global value discovery process in order uncover key business drivers for Microsoft and to align our offering with the needs of Microsoft’s data centers. The co-created digital platforms for water management were core to the offering, enabling Microsoft to directly benefit from the platforms it co-created with Nalco Water. The resulting impact to Microsoft’s operation was over $4.3 million in reduced annual operating costs, achieved through reduced water and energy footprints, increased asset protection and improved water safety.

Category 2: "Successful Implementation of Value Innovation Within the Supply Chain"

Winners: DHL and 3M

In a strategic approach, DHL Customer Solutions and Innovation (CSI) jointly managed enhanced value creation with a Japanese customer. CSI developed the business relationship based on a professional understanding of the Japanese culture - and the customer's culture in particular - as well as the customer's business. By involving all contriubtors from the very beninning of each project, CSI was able to create an ecosystem that achieved greater revenue growth fro all.

In an effort to expand 3M’s relevance and presence in the marketplace in the new connected age, 3M invested in revamping its global strategic account management process through activating a SAM Playbook. The Playbook aimed at enabling a customer-first mindset across 3M in three primary areas by connecting the right mindset and the right skillset for the right role; through introducing common processes, language and tools; and by digitizing business insights, planning and engagement.


Category 1: "Outstanding SAM program leadership for young programs (<5 years)"

Winner: Adobe

Honorable Mention: Merck

From 2013 through 2016, Adobe introduced, tested, proved and scaled a successful Strategic Accounts Marketing (SAM) program. This required sweeping change involving a complete enterprise-wide effort, beginning with a vision and leadership at the highest levels of the organization. This program set new goles and new metrics for measuring and rewarding success, implemeted cross-departmental cooperation, provided internal and external education, and innovated process and practices.

Category 2: "Outstanding SAM program leadership for mature programs (5+ years)"

Winner: DHL

Honorable Mention: 3M

In 2011, the Deutsche Post DHL Group (DPDHL) created leadership structure for its global key account organization, DHL Customer Solutions and Innovation (CSI). In a natural next step to becoming the 'Provider of Choice' for customers, DPDHL focused its cross-divisional DHL customer management and innovation activities in one area of responsibility and introduced the position of a global Chief Commecial Officer for DHL.