SAMA Excellence Awards Winners 2016


Category 1: "Internal alignment of key stakeholders across the company to a strategic customer"

Winner: DHL

After establishing a strong relationship with the customer at group level for several years, DHL needed to gain access to the huge potential of decentralized decision makers within the multiple brands and at plant level. The DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation (CSI) team designed, in cooperation with their different DHL divisions, a new account management structure to help penetrate the account at a deeper level and win the new plant business.

Category 2: "Customer insights and collaborative interactions leading to a mutually successful and jointly developed customer solution"

Winner: DHL

DHL embarked on a journey with a customer to achieve business growth, answer increasing customer demands, and improve customer and employee satisfaction. After undertaking considerable upstream work and co-discovery of customer information and insights by the DHL account team in collaboration with key customer contacts at multiple levels, the two organizations made fundamental changes to their relationship. They also implemented a joint business plan, and launched an innovative pilot project to explore the potential of augmented reality in logistics.


Category 1: "Outstanding SAM program leadership for young programs (<5 years)"

Winner: Johnson Controls, Building Efficiency North America division

Johnson Controls implemented a SAM program in October 2013 to improve customer satisfaction, accelerate growth, enable innovation and create long-term, bi-directional partnerships with its customers. Within two years, the so-called Enterprise Accounts platform migrated from conception to one of Building Efficiency North America's four strategic growth platforms.

Among other major accomplishments, from fiscal year 2014 through fiscal year 2016, JCI's SAM-managed business grew from $250M to $380M.

Category 2: "Outstanding SAM program leadership for mature programs (5+ years)"

Winner: Zurich Insurance

Like many industries, insurance companies have traditionally been silo-oriented in how they approach the marketplace and how they deal with intermediaries and customers. Zurich saw this as an opportunity to differentiate itself from its competitors by taking a more modern approach to customer management by working directly with its customers to understand their unique needs in order to deliver customized solutions that solved these needs. Zurich's executive management recognized there was an opportunity to break the insurance mold and transform the organization to be more customer-centric.

Ten years in, Zurich boasts exceptionally strong business growth, customer retention, and increased product density and customer satisfaction as measured by Net Promoter Scores.