SAMA Excellence Awards Winners 2018

Category 1: "Outstanding internal branding of a SAM organization across the company"

Winner: Pfizer Inc.

  • 2,000 internal visits to online Center of Excellence hub in the first six weeks of implementation
  • Triple the unique user open rates for internal, SAM-branded newsletters
  • Ninety-six percent approval rating from internal attendees to the company’s first SAM Center of Excellence best practice program workshop

“One of the most structured, high-quality initiatives I've seen.”
    - A 2018 Excellence Awards judge

Category 2: "Outstanding customer account team design, management and performance"

Winner: 3M

  • Grew customer relationship and revenue 250% CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) in 10 years
  • Ascended from transactional supplier to strategic preferred supplier
  • Opportunity to double the business in the next 5 years

“The size of the change with the customer was very large, both in business impact and change management. It is clear how traditional silos were broken down and integrated to create a cohesive interface with the customer that generated step change value for 3M and the customer.”
    - A 2018 Excellence Awards judge

Category 3: "Outstanding use of data and digitally-based processes to impact co-creation"

Winner: Arcadis

  • Improved passenger experience and safety, i.e., the customer’s customer
  • Increased retail sales for customer
  • Scalable solution that can be implemented with other customers, in other industries

“The relevance for the SAM and the whole notion of co-creation is stunning. The process as such is innovative, and its application is a great piece of leadership.”
    - A 2018 Excellence Awards judge

Category 4: "Outstanding young SAM program of the year (< 5 years)"

Winner: Arcadis

  • 15X business and market growth for global strategic customers vs. rest of business
  • Double-digit organic growth for global customers since 2014, 20% increase in largest region

“They have put in place a fast-paced journey that integrates everything from process and tools to training and capability development, as well as customer ecosystem metrics and true partnership for solutions. Demonstrates a complete integrated SAM journey with full integration for sustainability and a cultural mindset shift, including executive and Board accountability.”
    - A 2018 Excellence Awards judge

Honorable Mention: Johnson Controls, Inc.

Category 5: "Outstanding mature SAM program of the year (>5 years)”

Winner: 3M

“They have proven that they are a top-notch strategic account management partner. Their program is robust, proven, and seeks improvements whenever necessary to grow their business and strategic relationships.”
    - A 2018 Excellence Awards judge

“As a leader of a mature SAM program in a global medical device company, I have an appreciation for what it takes to get C-level attention at my own company to resource and support the most important customers to our business. They have apparently used the overwhelming revenue of this program's top accounts to get the resources needed to fully embed SAM into their culture. Well done!"
    - A 2018 Excellence Awards judge