SAMA Academy Online: E9 - Capture value skills - A negotiations course for the complex, consensus-driven strategic sales cycle

SAMA Academy Online: E9

January 1-August 1, 2020 Online

This online course is the equivalent of the SAMA Academy course Buyer’s Perspective. The online version is titled Elevate Value Skills. CSAM candidates may take this online course in place of the in-person presentations available at SAMA Academies. This course includes online video modules, simulations, and exercises to be completed at the participants own pace, within a month long period. The exercises, once completed, will be evaluated by a top procurement executive. This executive will provide personalized feedback on performance and offer suggestions for improvement.


Did you know that a 1 percent price reduction can lead to a 9 percent drop in operating profits?

Seemingly harmless, inconsequential requests from your customer can have a massive, negative impact on your profitability. Whether value leaks out of an opportunity through additional customer requests or outright demands for discounts, your company’s bottom line will suffer. Without the right negotiation tactics and appropriate customer-retention strategy, your profitability and your customer relationships are at risk.

What if you could expand deal profitability AND retain existing customers?

To capture value, you need a deliberate approach to address these critical — and sensitive — “moments of truth,” both late in the buyer’s journey and in the customer lifecycle. By taking “Capture Value Skills,” you will get the messages, content and skills rooted in decision-making science to nail the important questions customers are asking you: “Why should I stay? Why should I pay?” The best customer retention strategies allow you to answer these questions with confidence, strengthening your existing relationships into the future.

In this course, you will learn to develop unexpected, counterintuitive negotiations.

Most sales negotiation training fails to take into account selling environments that have grown in complexity and have multiple decision makers involved in most buying decisions. With a mixture of online and hands-on, application-based learning and reinforcement, you will learn science-backed concepts you need to execute your customer retention strategy. That means improving sales negotiation skills and learning the best way to engage prospects and customers to expand deal size, retain existing customers and convince them to pay more for your solutions.

This online-only course E9: Capture Value Skills is the equivalent of the SAMA Academy course E5: (107) Strategic negotiations: Changing the conversation from price to solution. CSAM candidates may take this online version as a substitute for the in-person E5: (107) Strategic negotiations: Changing the conversation from price to solution available at SAMA Academy.

This course contains a series of self-guided video modules alongside exercises to be completed at your convenience. Exercises will be reviewed by Corporate Visions consultants, who will offer feedback to learners.

*Attendees need to complete all exercises in order to earn credit towards CSAM via this course.


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Faculty: Corporate Visions