The glue binding your customers to you isn’t as strong as you think it is. 71% of B2B customers report being willing to switch suppliers whenever necessary. The key to eliminating strategic account defections is to become essential to your customers.



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2023 Annual Conference
May 23-25  |  San Diego, CA

Account Management Skills for Sales

Skillset and mindset to effectively engage important accounts with behaviors proven to drive growth. Join the waitlist!

SAM Solution Center

Tools, resources and knowledge from experts in the SAMA community.


Knowledge & best-practice sharing

The SAMA community comprises the largest, most diverse community of strategic accounts practitioners in the world, and we mine them continuously for insights and emerging practices.
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Tools to benchmark your program or strategic account managers

Need real data to justify and/or guide investment in your strategic account management initiative? Our individual competency assessment and SAM program assessment will show how you compare to hundreds of other global B2B companies in our database.  Get started


The best strategic and key account managers outperform average ones by a factor of 3X. We have trained thousands of SAMs, KAMs and GAMs to produce outsize growth and profitability by delivering differentiating value to their customers.  Learn more

Connections that matter

Whether you are looking for the what, the how or the who, SAMA can connect you with SAM practitioners who have overcome the exact challenge(s) you’re facing. It’s literally what we’re here for.
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Yes! Artificial Intelligence (AI) Can Help SAMs Co-Create Value With Their Customers!

A Harvard Business Review article, Can AI Really Help You Sell? shared several great use cases that definitively answer this question. We here at SAMA loved the article so much that we asked the authors to join us on our podcast to further discuss their findings. Listen up, as Jim Dickie and Barry Trailer talk about AI as a pivotal tool that stands to create seismic shifts in strategic account management.

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Creating Competitive Immunity by Deep Customer Discovery

Disruptions over the last couple years emphasized just how critical it is for SAMs to understand their customers’ needs, develop a network of supporters, and identify senior-level decision makers to gain access and deliver a customer-focused message.

These skills are anything but “basic.” Understanding your customers’ business and leveraging that deep insight with senior leaders are vital and challenging skills to develop. This webinar is for new and experienced SAMs working with dynamic customers — where the stakes are high, and the payoffs are huge.

SAMA Academy:

Find what works for you on the 2023 calendar!

SAMA Academy is designed to transform your good SAMs into great ones. Offered throughout the year, in-person and live online, these skill-building courses enhance and expand capabilities in specific areas shown time and again to lead to superior business results. Recommended for SAMs, their extended teams and SAM program leaders, many of the workshops offer credit toward SAMA’s Certified Strategic Account Manager (CSAM) program.    Learn more.

“SAMA provides us access to best practices, training and research in the areas of strategic account management from innovative selling organizations, including our own successful customers who are members as well. Corporate membership has proven to be an excellent investment in building and sustaining a world-class global sales force.”