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Managing Influence, a key differentiator for SAMs

Hosted by: N/A | Thursday | September 19th | 3p.m. UTC
This webinar first shows that in business influence flows through interpersonal trust relationships. Then it assists SAMs in developing the right skill set and operating plan to implement a structured systematic relationship mapping process. At the end of the webinar SAMs will have the opportunity to enrich their Key Account Planning process with the Graduated who-knows-whom Relationship Matrix and the PowerScope graphic representation of their account structure, in replacement of the difficult to use and to update traditional org. chart. Key Learnings: - Professional Networking key practices applied to account management - The “handling” relationship: characteristics and graduation. - The graduated “who knows whom” relationship matrix. - Hunting in packs. Relationship sharing governance. - Keys to establish an efficient influence Strategy - Insight in analyzing clients power issues, identify and quickly gain access and influence with decision makers and key influencers - A lever to increase the power of your personal networks to open new avenues of access to the targeted markets. - Detection of more opportunities, and earlier in the sales cycle - The ability to manage strategic relationships – key decision makers, influencers and stakeholders – as company assets