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NO PLAN, NO WIN! Part 1 | A Pragmatic Thought Leadership Discussion on Strategic Account Planning

October 13, 2021 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM   CENTRAL TIME (US AND CANADA)    

A two-part webinar series delivering powerful insight into strategic account planning and sales acceleration trends.

Join SAMA's Managing Director Harvey Dunham and Upland's Chief Revenue Officer Richard Scheig as they engage in a pragmatic thought-leadership discussion that will uncover the current demands for always-on strategic account planning, and demonstrate how to leverage technology to ensure your sales teams are prepared to align strategy with buyer motivation.

Speakers:  Richard Scheig, Chief Revenue Officer, Upland Software and Harvey Dunham, Managing Director, Strategy and Marketing, SAMA

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NO PLAN, NO WIN Part 2 | Discover Proven Solutions for Successful Strategic Account Planning

OCTOBER 21, 2021 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM   CENTRAL TIME (US AND CANADA)     

A two-part webinar series delivering powerful insight into strategic account planning and sales acceleration trends.

Get practical advice from leading enterprises on how to empower your sales force to build the right relationships with your customers while focusing on how to solve their problems. Our guest speakers will reveal how to select the right tech tools to give your revenue team the best chance to increase pipeline, unlock new opportunities and plan for success.

Speaker:  Richard Scheig, Chief Revenue Officer, Upland Software and Harvey Dunham, Managing Director, Strategy and Marketing, SAMA

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Value First Then Price: How to Engage Your Customer in a Discussion of Value

November 17, 2021 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM   CENTRAL TIME (US AND CANADA)    

Price will be always part of the discussion, especially in today’s economy. However, there are sales, marketing, pricing and negotiation strategies and programs than can help drive the discussion to Value First Then Price. Companies that are able to do this are 36 percent more profitable than ones that take a “make it up in volume approach.” And companies that buy based on best-measured value are 35 percent more profitable. We need to remind and demonstrate to our key accounts that both buyer and seller can be better off focusing on Value not Price. This webinar will focus on practical and implementable methods, tools and processes to get paid for value.

Speakers:  Andreas Hinterhuber, Associate Professor of Marketing, Università Ca Foscari; Todd Snelgrove, former Global Vice President of Value and Commercial Excellence, SKF                                  

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Utilizing Metrics and Science to Drive Unifying Relationship Actions: Creating High-Wide-Deep Strategic Account/Strategic Supplier Engagement

SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM   CENTRAL TIME (US AND CANADA)     

There is a difference between being integrated into a customer’s world as an integrated cross-functional account team and being unified with a customer as one cohesive/cooperative team. Facts and experiences have proven that it has become increasingly more important for strategic accounts and strategic suppliers to establish an even more mutually beneficial relationship. Most, if not all improvement processes, methods and practice innovations are primarily instituted by a one-sided approach through strategic supplier trainings. These trainings are focused on what the strategic supplier needs to do to facilitate a higher-wider-deeper and more mutually beneficial relationship, a one-sided effort to a more complex two-party relationship challenge.

It is now recognized that in this next era of relationship management a more willing, transparent and involved (engaged) customer may be the most critical part of the equation. This webinar will share the metrics (data) and science that when analyzed and applied can guide recommended two-party relationship-building practices. Success for all will ultimately depend on the enlistment of a customer’s leadership, supply chain and procurement teams to re-consider how they define and engage with their strategic suppliers. Answering the question of what each party needs to do.

Speaker:  Dennis J. Chapman Sr., CEO/President, The Chapman Group                                   

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Advocating for Diverse, Renewable Energy Vendors in the Marketplace: A Coalition Promoting Change

AUGUST 19, 2021 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM   CENTRAL TIME (US AND CANADA)    *This webinar is open to non-members    

What prompted Kroger, Microsoft, T-Mobile and Duke Energy to form a cross-industry coalition? An important initiative that drives corporate synergies, alliances and brings value, Diversity in Clean Energy (DiCE) is the nexus which brought all parties to the table to strategize, unify and work together to make a difference! In the global quest to become a more equitable and clean planet, slow climate change, reach sustainability goals and advance corporate commitments to further diversity, equity and inclusion, four leaders in their respective industries formed an alliance to transform words to action. Historically, diverse suppliers have not received an equitable share of opportunities to provide goods and services. DiCE seeks to raise awareness, open doors for and ultimately amplify the economic opportunities solicited from and awarded to diverse suppliers. The future is inclusive! In these unprecedented times, corporations faced with complex problems must learn to lean in and learn from one another. This coalition is an example of innovative relationships working to foster change.

Speakers:  Cheryl Comer, Strategic Account Manager, Duke Energy Business Services; Gordon Galzerano, Consultant, Advisor, Coach, Former Cisco Leader at Timberwilde Consulting Group; Dawn James, Director, US Sustainability & Environmental Sciences, Microsoft                                   

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