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Defeating the No-Decision Trap

Hosted by: N/A | Wednesday | September 16th | 3p.m. UTC
It’s important to know how to beat out your competition, but your rivals aren’t the most common reason you lose deals. What do you do when your customer Just. Won’t. Make. A. Decision?
In this webinar, Brian Doyle, president of Holden Advisors, explores the three essential techniques top-performing strategic account managers employ to close deals that would otherwise be lost to customer indecision. You’ll learn how to:
-Utilize divergent thinking to create a shared vision with your customer that solves their business problems
-Perfect the role of learner vs. teacher, earning you trusted advisor status while overcoming the fear of looking uninformed in front of your customer
-Increase your “Curiosity Quotient” to build an in-depth understanding of how your value improves your customer’s business performance
Overcome your customer’s no-decision inertia to close more deals and build a sustainable sales pipeline.

Webinar Series: Keys to Effective Strategic Account Planning

Hosted by: N/A | Tuesday | July 28th | 5p.m. UTC
SAMA community members all share at least one common objective: to become more strategic to their most important customers. From the insights gained through a rich history of engagement with SAMA’s best-in-class organizations, PMI has designed and developed a practical and scalable methodology for implementing and sustaining strategic account planning and management best practices: “The Keys to Effective Strategic Account Planning.” In this webinar, we will focus on the art and science of value co-discovery. Understanding what matters most to your customer and aligning with the customer’s objectives are critical in developing new opportunities within your account. Panelists Lisa Maggiore of Hilton Worldwide and Mike Holbrow of Honeywell will share best practices gleaned from their long careers working with strategic accounts.

Attendees will walk away with actionable insights into:
● Equipping your account team members with the skills to enable value co-creation
● Aligning your company’s’ objectives with your customer’s objectives
● Engaging in new opportunities focused on value -- as your customer defines it

In addition, you will receive complimentary access to the The Keys to Effective Strategic Account Planning (2nd Edition) eBook.

About the series:
The authors’ extensive experience working with organizations committed to strategic and key account management excellence forms the basis for this updated and expanded second edition, unpacking critical components of modern strategic and key account management. The flow of topics and examples engages readers in a journey rich with insights, practical takeaways and commentary from acknowledged thought leaders and practitioners from across SAMA’s global membership.

Coopetition with Customers

Hosted by: N/A | Thursday | July 16th | 3p.m. UTC
Coopetition – i.e., collaboration with another company while simultaneously competing with them – is increasingly pervasive with many business partners, including strategic customers. Unfortunately, many organizations fail to capitalize on opportunities and/or incur unnecessary risk because they don’t employ effective strategies for managing coopetition. According to our research, 30% of respondents say their companies are “very effective” at managing coopetition, 49% say they’re “somewhat effective,” and 10% say they are “not effective.” Another 10% report that their companies do not engage in coopetition.

How do sales professionals stack up? For a start, they are almost twice as likely as their buy-side counterparts to say their companies compete with business partners “a great deal.” Join Vantage Partners’ Jessica Wadd and Ben Siddall on July 16 to learn more about how sales professionals experience coopetition, strategies for managing it, and its impact on performance.