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SAMA Membership Benefits

SAMA is uniquely positioned to help you achieve best-in-class business results by becoming indispensable to your most critical customers.  No matter your organizational goals or stage of SAM maturity, SAMA has a membership tier with benefits to match your company’s needs.


Innovator  $9,750/year

Best for organizations with 6 to 10 people managing and supporting strategic, global, key, or enterprise accounts (max. usership is 10).


Choose 1 of 3:

  1. 50% off SAMA Certification prepayment for one candidate*
  2. 50% off Program Assessment
  3. 20% off Account Selection Tool service* - The Facilitator™

Also includes:

Available for up to 10 users:

Total estimated value: **$21,265.00

Estimated ROI = 218%



Corporate  $18,000/year

Best for organizations with 10 or more people managing and supporting strategic, global, key, or enterprise accounts (unlimited usership).


Choose 3 of 5:

  1. SAMA Certification for one candidate*
  2. Program Assessment
  3. Account Selection Tool service* - The Facilitator™
  4. Executive Workshop with SAMA leader (½ Day)
  5. Individual Competency Assessments (up to 12)

Also includes:

Available for unlimited users:

Total estimated value: **$42,939.00

Estimated ROI = 239%


Enterprise  $30,000/year

Best for the largest organizations; includes more free seats and deeper discounts to SAMA events (best value for active members).



Available for unlimited users:

Total estimated value: **$86,925.00

Estimated ROI = 290%

Users of any Corporate Membership receive premier pricing for SAMA services, tools, and events, including SAMA Conferences and SAMA Academy training.

Terms & Conditions of SAMA Corporate Membership

All Corporate Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable. By purchasing a Corporate Membership, the company and its users of the membership will abide by all applicable cancellation policies, terms, and conditions set forth by SAMA. A standard Corporate Membership term is for one year and the renewal process begins approximately 90 days before term end. The primary point(s) of contact own "choice" and included benefits. Those listed as available to users may be used by 10 designated individuals under Innovator or anyone in a company with Corporate or Enterprise access. Executive Workshop benefits require member to pay for any speaker and presentation expenses, including but not limited to travel and accommodation. Benefits may only be used within the membership term and are not valid for services or events occurring after membership term end. For other benefit specific terms and conditions not mentioned on this page, contact the SAMA Membership team and see SAMA's Terms & Conditions and Cancellation Policy.

Prepayment, renewal discounts are available for existing Corporate Members, but may not be combined with members utilizing the SAMA Certification benefit.

*The SAMA certification benefit requires a two-year membership commitment and includes enrollment and all 9 training units for online courses only. Other terms & conditions apply.
The Account Selection Tool service includes a maximum of 30 customers for Innovator level. Only 10 customers are included for Corporate and Enterprise levels with the option to add an additional 20 maximum customers for an extra cost. Must be purchased in increments of 10.
Click here to learn more about other applicable terms & conditions for member benefits. Learn more.

**Total estimated values are calculated based on the value of itemized SAMA benefits if used without Corporate Membership benefits and discounts for 10 users. Contact your SAMA Account Manager to calculate a more precise value of your SAMA Corporate Membership based on your group size and benefit utilization. This estimation does not include the value of SAMA's Resource Library, which holds an estimated value of over $40,000.



“Corporate membership has proven to be an excellent investment in building and sustaining a world-class global sales force.”


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