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Category 1: Systematic enablement of the SAM program

One of the best practices for creating a successful SAM program is to set up a centralized office with staff who enable and help the SAMs to successfully manage their company's largest and most important customers. This group is typically referred to as the SAM Program Office or SAM Center of Excellence. The leader of this important function reports directly to the SAM Program Leader or is a matrixed, indirect report from the organization's Learning and Development Organization. No matter what it’s called, the purpose of this group is to disseminate SAM-specific expertise, tools and best practices to SAM teams. The winning submission will demonstrate, through examples and business results, how the organization has worked across business units and regions to equip its SAM teams to effectively co-create value with strategic customers and provide them with a best-in-class customer experience.

Category 2: Innovative value co-creation

One role of the SAM is to leverage resources within his or her organization to co-create value with a strategic customer. At SAMA we’ve seen some extraordinary examples of this innovation through value co-creation, including (but not limited to) in their rapid response to the global pandemic — and we are looking for more.

The winning entry will demonstrate, through one or more examples, how SAMs think outside the box to solve complex problems by, e.g., engaging their company’s entire ecosystem (suppliers, competitors, start-ups), solving not only customer problems but customer’s customer’s problems, or through other novel, innovative mechanisms. Bonus points will be given for new, innovative ways to assemble diverse stakeholders to co-create solutions that address complex customer problems. A specific customer example is required!

Category 3: Outstanding young program of the year (<5 years)

The winning entry will demonstrate, through examples, the specific foundational elements and enablers that are transforming their business and their relationships with strategic customers to produce new levels of growth and profitability. Please note: Past winners in this category are not eligible to apply.

Category 4: Outstanding mature program of the year (5+ years)

Mature SAM organizations face many challenges, including maintaining and evolving strong executive leadership and governance, becoming more agile through changing economic and digital disruptions, continuous learning to elevate SAM processes and tools, and accelerating the drive for innovative co-creation with strategic customers. The winning entry will demonstrate, through examples, the strength, resilience and productivity of their SAM organization.




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Here’s what Solecta, Inc. Chief Commercial Officer Jim Ford, a two-time Excellence Award winner, has to say about the benefit of entering.


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