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  Volume 26 / Winter 2024



In this issue:


  • SAM Success Stories: Turning Red Flags into Green Lights for Account Retention
  • Empowering Strategic Account Management with Artificial Intelligence: Four practical ways that generative AI can drive client engagement, boost business success, and improve your quality of life

  • Building a Protective Moat Around Your Business: How strategic engagement serves as the foundation to protect your most valuable asset — your customers
  • The Strategic Account Manager as a Value-Based Negotiator: Designing negotiation processes to enhance mutual value in deals with strategic accounts



  • The Case for Strategic Account Management: Sales Mastery delivers the executive summary for their 2023 Sales Performance Scorecard study

  • The Power of Account-Based Marketing: A Thales Case Study 
  • A Customer-Centric Organization: The critical ingredient to enable strategic account management.


  • Data Watch — SAMA’s Program Assessment
  • Quick Takes — How AI can Help Reveal Insights Into Your Competitors

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