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What is SAMA Tech Showcase?

A global, virtual gathering on trending technology for future solutions.

Digital technologies have reshaped strategy and business models across all industries. Increased connectivity among buyers and sellers is creating new forms of opportunity and collaboration in ever-expanding ecosystems, plus new tools to influence decision making and product usage.

These changes shake many of the foundations that strategic account management (SAM) is built upon. To adapt, SAM programs must embrace the opportunities and transformations that technology creates.

But the right data, algorithms, and tools don’t necessarily translate to successful account management. Digital can only enhance what was working before — and speed up (or replace) legacy processes. SAMs must be the driver — human solutions to digital problems.

In the digital marketplace, falling behind can mean never catching up. Which is why SAMs need to modernize and remain on the forefront of new ideas, systems, and technologies to maximize value and growth with essential customers.

Get where you need to go at the SAMA Tech Showcase — featuring industry leaders and experts ready to share their insight and help you discover future solutions by harnessing today’s technology.





SAMA Tech Showcase is more than just another virtual tech conference. It’s a community of people and organizations redefining technology and strategy — infused with a fun-loving spirit of generosity and innovation.

At the SAMA Tech Showcase, we explore what’s best and next in the tech sector, so you know what to put on your radar. You can count on lively discussions and interactive sessions with industry thought leaders and gamechangers, plus strategies to drive solutions and build stronger organizations.

In these volatile and disruptive times, organizations that survive and thrive are the ones that harness and leverage new technologies. Those that do achieve breakaway speed and pull ahead of the competition. Make sure you stay up to speed and register for FREE for SAMA Tech Showcase. Join us for this one-of-a-kind experience!



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