E8 - Emotional intelligence for SAMs: How to create value in every interaction


July 20-23, 2020 Chicago, Illinois

Successful SAMs must understand how to integrate hard and soft skills in order to create high performance. SAMs spend a lot of time learning and developing their hard skills but much less time on their soft skills, which can result in an unbalanced skill set. The SAMA competency model tightly intertwines logical, analytical and strategic skills with social and emotional competencies, also sometimes called soft skills … SAMA’s model essentially assumes that SEI is being used effectively. But is that the case in real life? (Golovan, 2014, Coaching Social and Emotional Intelligence to Boost SAM Performance. Velocity, SAMA). This course on Social and Emotional Intelligence (SEI), explains what these soft skills are and how to use your individual strengths to maximize your performance in the SAM role. Research shows that SEI can account for up to 67% of workplace performance for those, like SAMs, whose success largely depends upon managing relationships (Bar-On et al., 2005, Linking emotional intelligence and performance at work: Current research evidence. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum.). The session starts with a quick overview of the scientific basis of SEI, and then articulates the SEI competency framework and its applications to the SAM role and leadership. This is a highly interactive session combining small and large group exercises where participants have the opportunity to use and apply real-life examples. Participants take the EQ-I assessment prior to the session and receive their results during the session; they use their unique profile to better understand their strengths and their areas of development.


  • Understand how SEI impacts leadership and SAM’s performance and success
  • Learn the SEI framework and the specific competencies involved
  • Receive an individualized EI-Leadership report with customized feedback and recommendations
  • Discuss best practices for using SEI throughout the Strategic Account Management process
  • Establish a personal SEI Action Plan
  • Schedule an individual follow-up coaching appointment with an SEI Executive Coach

Faculty: Bo Golovan, MBA, ACPEC; Owner, Strategic Solutions Associates and Jessica Worny Janicki, MBA, PCC; Owner, JWJ Consulting, LLC